The company LN FOOD commenced its operations in 1998 as a regional packer of hygienically packaged sugar. The company was founded by a Czech investor and focused primarily on the region of the Czech Republic. Over time, its assortment and sphere of activity expanded.

Shortly after its start, the company included trade in sugar (industrial and retail packaging). Since 2003, it is ranked among the main players in the market within this area.

Upon the Czech Republic's accession to the EU in 2004, the company LN FOOD started its expansion into neighbouring countries, especially Germany, where it now directs most of its food production in portions.

In 2007, the company increased its production and storage capacities when adding the plant of the so-called “heavy packer” and production of instant tea in Dolany, which – along with significant investments – brings other production options.

Besides food production and distribution, the company also continuously developed the area of transportation and motorsports. Since 2007, an important project of the company was the successful revitalization of SELIKO where LN FOOD held a majority stake sold to a strategic partner in 2010.

Another important step was the merger of two manufacturing plants into one modern factory in Dolany near Olomouc. Building No. 683 was reconstructed using EU funds, with a focus on energy savings, adding production technologies and establishing company headquarters directly in the manufacturing plant.

The season of investments continued in 2014 and 2016. Overall, these investments reached CZK 75 million. Entire production plant was reconstructed and around 3000 m2 were built; production capacity of instant food was significantly increased and production centres for bakery ingredients were established.

A new strategic partner, Mr. Luděk Brtník, entered the company in 2014.

Briefly, the company history can also be described by the following events:


  • Foundation of the company by Mr. Libor Nevima
  • start of the production and distribution of HB sugar


  • Expansion of the assortment by sugar in retail and industrial packaging


  • Construction of the first plant for portions in Olomouc Lazce
  • Opening of the transport and logistics division


  • Extension of the machinery by another automated production line for portions


  • Purchase of additional automated production lines for portions
  • Expansion of the assortment by sweeteners of EQUAL brand
  • HACCP application into operational practice


  • Launch of the sale to Germany and neighbouring Central European countries (after joining the EU)


  • Foundation of the Motosports Division


  • Extension of the group by SELIKO trading a.s.
  • Purchase of additional automated production lines for portions


  • Purchase of the plant DOLANY
  • Starting the implementation of the project for instant drinks
  • Purchase of additional automated production lines for HB foods


  • First reconstruction of interior premises in the plant Dolany
  • Completion and expansion of machinery in the plant Dolany
  • Purchase of additional automated production lines for HB foods


  • Commencement of the construction of the logistics park in the plant Dolany – Hall A


  • Sale of the company SELIKO outside the group
  • A significant expansion of the company assortment in the new plant DOLANY


  • Obtaining a license to import rice
  • Merger of manufacturing plants
  • Reconstruction of the building Dolany 683
  • Implementation of the project of energy savings


  • Entry of a new strategic partner
  • Strengthening the capacity of portion division with 25 million portions per month


  • Construction of warehouse B
  • Acquisition of production line for instant foods and bakery ingredients
  • Acquisition of production line for baking powder
  • Strengthening the capacity of portion division with 35 million portions per month


  • Completion of the logistics and manufacturing plant
  • Approval of the manufacturing plant
  • Obtaining a license for sugar imports into the EU
Dolany 683
783 16 Dolany u Olomouce
Česká republika
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Dolany 683
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Czech Republic

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